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#Speardthevibe: The day I realized that “Time more than money” for some kids

Every day is a new day for me, and opportunity for a fresh start. In today’s world, we are so busy in our own world that we hardly get time to enjoy the moments, spend time quality time with our dear ones. I keep myself regularly updated with global news especially about news making headlines in India. I feel very depressed when I read news about crimes like child trafficking, rape, and murder in India. India is facing a lot of issue pertaining to poverty, pollution, child trafficking, female infanticide, abandoning babies and child labour. A recent Indian government report estimated that around half a million children have been abducted and forced to work in India’s cities. After reading such news every day, I had totally lost faith in humanity. I had started wondering “why someone gets involve in child trafficking, child labour?”, “How money has become so much important to some people that they are ready to abduct kids and ruin their lives?”,” Is humanity lost?”.

Recently I read that around 4.35 million children among the ages of 5 and 14 are part of India’s workforce, working anywhere from brick to carpet factories. India is also home to 31 million orphaned children, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund. Girls are more likely to be abandoned, sex-selectively aborted than are boys. This is rooted in a cultural bias against girls.

I feel depressed when I see such high crime rates, especially in India. To give back to the society I live in, I started doing charity. I felt it’s my moral responsibility to do something for my country. I am sure many of us do the same and help the needy, financially. I started thinking that I am doing a bit from my side for the society. Then one day, I was casually discussing the topic of charity with my friends and something very good came across during discussion. One of my friends, celebrates his daughter’s birthday with young orphans staying in an orphanage. Every year, he and his family make a point of visiting an orphanage and host a birthday party for all orphans. The party has everything from cake to music and gifts. He said he also donates money to NGOs, but the happiness which he feels by spending time with kids is priceless. Most of the kids don’t know their birthdate, usually don’t get importance which they deserve from others. So the time which he and his family spends with them is more valuable for them than money and smiles on their faces while having fun is unforgettable. He also said we never know whether the money we donate is actually used for charity or not. Here these moments spend with orphans is cherished by everyone in the party.


Another friend of mine, also does charity by not only donating money but also spending time with kids. Every year he visits a school in his village in Rajasthan and donates books along with other stationeries. He makes sure that he and his family spends time with those kids. His family encourages all the kids to study and to become independent. They teach kids importance of education.

School kids in a school in Bangalore india

I was overwhelmed after hearing such stories. I told myself that “Good people exist! There are people who spend time with young kids who are not part of their lives”. In today’s world where everyone is busy with their own life, these people spend one whole day with orphans and motivate them to live. Donating money for charity is good but spending time with these kids is priceless. It’s said that “Time is money”, but after hearing their experiences, I feel the time is more valuable than money. So with these positive stories, I have this decided in 2016 that I will make sure that one day in a year, me and my family will spend whole day with young orphans and make them realize that the world needs them 🙂 I have also identified few schools in our village and I would soon visit them to help young kids in educating themselves.  Anxiously waiting to see smiles on their innocent faces.

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Introduction and About Me

As I see kids growing in front of me and the effect social media has nowadays, I wonder – “Once my kid grows up, will she use social media wisely??”

I have seen the stubbornness of  kids, not  listening  their  parents and staying online whole day and night.. playing games, chatting..

As a parent, we always worry about, How my kid will use facebook, twitter?,”Will he accept friend requests from a stranger?, What if he loses his focus on studies? Will he ever listen to me?, What can I do to make sure that he uses facebook/twitter wisely?

I feel as a parent/elder, we can take some steps to ensure that social media doesn’t harm  our kids and to set proper guidance for kids to use social media wisely.

I am working in social media industry from last 6 years. Also I have seen a few children and teenagers growing around up in my family, friends fraternity….So I decided to write a blog on this and help parents in guiding their  kids to use social media efficiently.

I am here to guide you and answer your query – “How can I make sure my child uses social media wisely?”

If you are aware that your child has created a Social Media profile, you need to ensure that  appropriate safety and security settings are in place including important home rules for use of online media. You may be concerned about them entering into the world of Social Media, but with a little parental control, Social Media and Networking can be a very useful tool for your kid.  With the kind of current competition in today’s society, easy to access, peer pressure, in next  few years it would be impossible for your kids to be away form social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. However, there are great advantages of Social media usage. Your kid can know about latest updates by liking news page on Facebook and through Twitter, reading about their favorite brands and offers, also it is a great way to stay in touch with friends and extended  family.. We as parents, teachers, seniors need to explain children about the pros and cons of social media and help them to use it wisely. There are many social media websites and there will be more to come in future..Currently the popular websites are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Orkut , Myspace, Club Pengiun.

If you have any query pertaining to social media and how to use it wisely, feel free to contact me . For now you can browse my blog and get some tips.

Take Care :)