Why I felt “Online Safety” education is important

Moments of life!

As I see kids growing in front of me and the effect social media has nowadays, I wonder – “Once my kid grows up, will she use social media wisely??”

I have seen the stubbornness of  kids, not  listening to their  parents and staying online whole day and night. playing games, chatting.  As a parent, we always worry about, How my kid will use facebook, twitter?,” Will he accept friend requests from a stranger?, What if he loses his focus on studies? Will he ever listen to me?, What can I do to make sure that he uses facebook/twitter wisely?

I feel as a parent/elder, we can take some steps to ensure that social media doesn’t harm  our kids and to set proper guidance for kids to use social media wisely. You would never, ever allow your child to cross the road without looking for traffic, would you? Well, you need to take the same type of precautions when they…

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