Should I worry about posting my photos on Facebook and the internet?

According to me, there’s no need to give up photo-sharing altogether. By following few simple rules while uploading photos you can alleviate some of  dangers of internet like cyberbullying, identity theft. Rules like –
– Think carefully about what you post!
-Ensure you are only sharing with people who you are close to, in real life. Be cautious before accepting a friend’s request.
-Turn off the ‘location’ service when taking pictures on your smartphone.
-Never post your child’s name along with their birth date, school name, address or phone number.
-Know how to manage your privacy settings (like who can view & share your posts, tagging). For example, Facebook privacy setting by default is public, the entire world can view it!
-Keep a strong password and ensure that it remains a secret.
-Ask permission from parents before uploading photos of their children.
-Ask family members and friends to follow the same precautions when they post details about your family on the internet.

Check out blog on #cybersafety Help your child to use Social Media Wisely! It would help you to understand online safety guidelines.


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