How can cyberbullying be prevented?

Here are some tips to save yourself from being a victim of cyberbullying:

  • Do not to respond to any cyberbullying threats or comments online. However, do not delete any of the messages. Instead, print out all the messages, including the email addresses or online screen names of the cyberbully. You will need the messages to verify and prove there is cyber bullying.
  • For your family , especially with young child ,set rules on usage of internet and social media website. Example: time period for which he can be online, which website he will register, ensure that the age limits are followed diligently.
  • Keep the computer in a public part of your home, such as the living room, so that you can check on what your child is doing online and how much time he is spending there.
  • In serious case of cyberbullying, take help of local authorities or contact the support team of the website.In case of kids, don’t overreact by blaming your children. If they are being bullied, be supportive and understanding.
  • Don’t threaten to take away your children’s computers if they come to you with a problem. This only forces kids to be more secretive.
  • Protect the accounts very carefully with the passwords and other information. By protecting the accounts carefully, it will keep the bullies from gaining access to them.

You need to educate yourself and your family about internet safety, make him cybersmart. Check out this website Home – Wisenetizen take a cyberbullying safety quiz.. it will help.. also there are more resources like poster, guide, videos.


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