Are you a smart cyber surfer? Check out tips to surf safe online.

Technology is extremely addicting because it provides immediate feedback, connects us and entertain us. We visit several new/unknown websites almost everyday. Also, download tons of information. As a netizen, we need to be careful about what we download and what we click. The links can content virus or can try to read personal information without our permission. So we need to be a smart netizen while surfing online.



Here are some tips that will keep you safe online:

-Protect yourself online: Use a comprehensive security tool to warn you if you try to visit risky sites or links. It will also prevent you from downloading infected content and continually identify and remove malware that has managed to enter the system

-Sites like Google & BING continually do virus checks. So stick to them while surfing online.

-Password protect all devices

-Pop-ups might look very rewarding and tempting. They might offer you tickets/ money/ free downloads and much more. But the smart way to stay online is to IGNORE them!

-Stick to official and known websites

-Fake profile: Learn how to figure out if it’s a fake profile. Here are some tips for the same.

-Watching out for “free” stuff. Free games, ring tones, or other downloads can hide malware.

-Email attachments are the primary source of virus infection. Nowadays, someone can also send emails with harmful content using your friend’s email address and your friend isn’t aware of the same . Use caution when deciding whether to click a link in a message, particularly if the message body seems non- specific, such as a message reading “Check out our my birthday photos”. So think before to click!

-Ensure you have effective and updated antivirus/antispyware software and firewall running before you start downloading.

Do visit the Wise Netizen Facebook page and for online safety guides, tips, videos and posters.



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