How to Stop Your Child’s Computer Addiction




Technology is extremely addicting because it provides immediate feedback, connects us and entertain us. Along with us, our kids are also getting connected to the internet at very young age. Soon they will also start using the internet just like us. This means that it’s important for parents to make sure that they monitor their children’s online activities and make sure that, kids don’t get addicted to the internet.

If you feel that your child is getting addicted to internet activities like playing games online or chatting, make sure you take appropriate actions as too much of internet usage can lead to problems like declining grade, depression, a declining in overall development of your child.

1) Talk with your child about his/her excessive computer usage: Children often interpret questions about their behavior as blame and criticism.Tell your child that you are concerned about some of the changes you have seen in his/her behavior and interest, like declining grades, giving up hobbies. Make him understand that he should have a proper plan/schedule . Especially during exam-time, help your child in planning a proper timetable which includes revising, increasing study hours and limiting the use if internet.

2) Keep the computer in a public area of your home, such as the living room, so that you can check on what your child is doing online and how much time he is spending there.

3) Set a password for the computer so that only you can log on to it. However, I will not recommend this for older children.

4) Find out how bad your child’s addiction is, and what exactly your child is addicted to – like Is he addicted to playing online games or chatting or watching videos.

5) Replace the time that your child would normally spend on the computer with other activities – take him to the library a park, get them together with friends. During exam time, encourage him to go out for walks instead of playing online games, surfing the internet or watching TV during breaks.

6) Become more computer-savvy and join social networks: Checking history folders and Internet logs, learning about monitoring software, and installing filters all require a degree of computer savvy. Parents need to be comfortable with the computer. Take an active interest in the Internet and learn about websites which your child visits.

7) Rules for internet usage:
Establish clear boundaries for limited Internet usage. Allow perhaps an hour per day after homework, with a few extra weekend hours. Stick to your rules and remember that you’re not simply trying to control him.

8) Lead by Example
Don’t spend hours on the computer when your children are home. Also, adhere to internet usage rules you have decided for your family.

Hope these tips help you and your child. Happy Parenting #cybersafety #wisenetizen

Take Care

Sonal 🙂




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