Wise Netizen helps you and your child to become cyber smart.

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Summary: Wise Netizen launches a portal http://www.wizenetizen.com to help educate parents on how to keep their children safe online. Wise Netizen promotes and educates families about online safety. Becoming a wise netizen is no longer a matter of choice – it is a compulsion. It is important for parents to make sure that their child understand eSafety. Children often become easy targets for cyber criminals. Website includes features like videos, quizzes, guides and posters.

Article: Preteen children are exposed to such high levels of technology at such a young vulnerable age. They lack the maturity to behave responsibly online. It is of utmost importance that parents learn how to protect them and prevent such online dangers.
A wise netizen is a person who –

• Knows how to behave like a responsible digital citizen
• Can protect himself and his child from cyber crime
• Teaches their children proper net etiquette
Wise Netizen will help and guide parents on how to use the internet wisely. It is an easy-to-use website which answers all questions without parents’ even having to ask them.

Website’s experts are always on stand-by, in case parents have any queries about safe surfing. At Expert Advice page, an expert will gladly guide parents on everything – from reporting a cybercrime to preventing one.

How-To Tips on the website gives practical tips about internet safety. Website’s features videos regarding online safety and chat dangers, for example, how to stay safe on YouTube, Facebook. Parents and children can take online safety quizzes to understand the basic concepts on eSafety.

For free, parents can download resources like
• eSafety Tool Kits

• Online safety Guides and Posters

• Reports that show relevant statistics

• Social Networking Guidelines for Internet safety on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Parents can use these resources to discuss safe surfing issues with children, start a dinner table discussions with articles and blog posts about cyber bullying, etc. If parents have more questions, or some doubts, then they can contact the team at http://www.wisenetizen.com.

Register on the website now and become a wise netizen!


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