“Be a Wise Netizen” Campaign

Help your child to use Social Media Wisely!


You would never, ever allow your child to cross the road without looking for traffic, no you won’t’!  Well, you need to take the same type of precautions when they are surfing online.  The bruises your kids suffer in the real world can be cured with bandages. But chat dangers, cyber bullying, etc inflict serious emotional scars. Globally, India is third behind China and Singapore in cyber bullying.  Even parents are shockingly un-aware about internet safety tools and resources – and a large number of parents need internet safety education on a priority basis.

“Be a Wise Netizen “ Campaign encourages everyone to practice good cyber hygiene and safe online behavior at all times. Our motto is to make sure that very child uses the internet wisely.

A Netizen is a citizen of the Internet. And a wise one knows how to protect himself or herself from the dangers that lurk…

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