Tips to stay safe on Twitter


Here are few points which parents/seniors can keep in mind whenever your child wants to use twitter:

  • Understand Twitter: Join the website. Understand how it works. Also monitor your child’s profile. Beware of the content which is posted on your child’s profile. You can monitor the content your child posts by making them friend on the website.
  • Remember Twitter is a public space
  • Protect passwords: Discuss with your child about how important it is to avoid sharing their passwords with friends.
  • Encourage your child to communicate with people they already know: Teach your children that they should never accept a friend’s request from a stranger or to communicate online or chat with any one who they don’t know. If they use computer in a library or Internet cafe, log off completely before you leave.
  • Think before tweeting
  • If your child receives unwanted tweets from another Twitter user, I generally recommend that he or she block that user and end communication. Ignoring the content shows unwillingness to engage in such interaction, and in most cases, the aggressor loses interest.
  • Report a violation
  • If something goes beyond the point of a personal conflict and has turned into credible threats, whether it be online or offline, you should contact your local authorities as they are in the best position to assess the threat and intervene or assist as necessary.
  • Discuss with your child about their experience with Twitter and guide them if required. Ask questions like ” Can you help me with Hashtags on Twitter? ” or “Did you follow uncle Sam on twitter?” ,such questions will encourage them to discuss their experience. Gradually you can proceed with other questions.
  • Follow family internet rules.


Take Care 🙂



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