Tips for keeping your kids safe on Instagram


These days, Instagram photos are cropping up all over Facebook and Twitter feeds. In short span of time, Instagram has become a very popular photo and video sharing service.

Few things you need to keep in mind when your child wants to start using Instagram are:

-Location Settings

Turn off the Geo-tagging or Location of photos, that way even if a photo gets out to the public, hopefully no one knows where your child is.

-Accepting Followers

If they don’t know who the person is in real life, then they shouldn’t accept them as a follower.

-Establishing rules

Establish clear rules from the beginning and state clearly that if your child does not follow them, you will ban them from using the app. If your child has a smartphone, limit access to Instagram only when he or she has WiFi, unless you have an unlimited data plan. Pictures and now videos can end up using lots of megabytes.

– Monitoring the account

Monitor their account, either by following them on Instagram or checking their mobile phone, tablet or iPod.

-Privacy Settings

By default, all Instagram accounts are public regardless of age. You have to manually make it private, and then only approved followers can see your child’s pictures.  You can set each photo to the privacy control that you are comfortable with by choosing Profile and then turning on ‘Photos are Private’.

-Leave out the phone number

If your child gives their phone number at registration, it becomes part of their public profile. Phone number is optional, so don’t enter it.

Continue to talk to your children about what they are posting and what they are allowed to post. Encourage them to talk to their friends about appropriate posting and their own privacy settings.

You can also take a look at FAQ section (Tips for Parents)  on Instagram site :

Need more information about Instagram and how to use it, then check out this blog post:

Take Care

Sonal 🙂


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