Be Careful on what you download from internet!

Download from internet

One more tip you need to tell your kid is to be careful while downloading anything from the internet. It can be music, file, image, movie or even anti-virus software.Downloading free music, videos and software could be tempting, but it is illegal to pirate material that is under copyright. Downloading should not be confused with streaming, which is where video, music or sound is sent over the internet for you to watch or listen to in real time, rather than being able to be saved on your computer to use later.

Here are few things which your child should keep in mind when downloading content from the internet:

  • Watching out for “free” stuff. Free games, ring tones, or other downloads can hide malware. Tell your kids not to download anything unless they trust the source and they’ve scanned it with security software.
  • Email attachments are the primary source of virus infection. For example, you can receive an email, even from someone you know, with an attached file that is disguised as a document, photo, or program, but is actually a virus. If you open that file, the virus will infect your computer. Nowadays, someone can also send emails with harmful content using your friend’s email address and your friend isn’t aware of the same.
  • Emails can also contain deceptive links. Clicking a deceptive link can take you to a webpage that attempts to download malicious software onto your computer. Use caution when deciding whether to click a link in a message, particularly if the message body seems non- specific, such as a message reading “Check out our my birthday photos”.
  • Don’t share material that is under copyright.
  • Keep your files and personal information private. This avoids sharing your emails, photos, important files with complete strangers or placing them on shared computer or folders.
  • Don’t become an easy target. Ensure you have effective and updated antivirus/antispyware software and firewall running before you start downloading. 
  • Download executable files (.exe) with extreme caution. These are files used by programs to run on your computer. However, they are also commonly used in viruses.
  • Use trusted download websites rather than peer-to-peer systems to obtain programs.
  • If you must use file-sharing software, make sure you choose safe software, install it safely and use it properly.

Let me know what all things you keep in mind while downloading stuff from the internet.

Take Care 🙂



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